Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boohoo, she aint no Francis Farmer. All this bs over this Britney girl, what a laugh! She has no visible talent, charm, beauty, and yet every friggin day-there she is in my face. Why? Can we just lock all the nothings away and throw away the keys? Oh, wait, we might have to think about something more important, might become involved in the world and it's problems, might try for solutions. Ah! I see now, if we started thinking about real life, 'real' issues we'd be dangerous. These shIT girls are our valiums for the new age, all the useless information claims the space we might use for something worthwhile.
Brains, I want brains, I tell ya.

hilary, baraka, mccain, I dont care to me they are all the same. we are the ruled and dont forget it, does it even matter who holds the whip?


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