Sunday, April 06, 2008

In Every Dream Home a Heartache
Ah good times another recession, just dont tell Bushy. On second thought you can, he just wont believe ya. It boggles the mind that idiots selling mortgages to people who clearly haven't enough income to pay them have plunged this country into a bigger mess (yes it is) than the crash of '29. When is it a good idea to give credit to people in homeless shelters? Did these upper management doofs wake up one day and say " hey let's send credit cards to as many unemployed people as we possibly can then we can act shocked when they can't be paid off"? Well we know they aint smarter than fifth graders, now all of us have to live with the consequences of their unbrideled greed and stupidity. I've lived long enough to remember when you had to have an income and savings to get a mortgage, I must have took a nap when that all changed. Fire all these CEOs and let them lose their homes so they can be in the same straights as the rest of most Americans.
Speaking of living long enough, I also remember when a dollar was worth, well um, a dollar. WTF is going on? We are spending gazillions in Iraq for what? All I see happening is that a place like that with all the warring religious factions needs a dictator to keep peace, yeah I said it, a friggin DICTATOR. This was a country that before Bushy said 'that man tried to kill my daddy' had an economy (you know as in oil, Texas tea, black gold) and people werent dodging suicide bombers but instead went to work, school and had some kind of life. Is this a better alternative, I dont think so, at least they had hope of Saddam dying one day and of a brighter future, we took that all away in a NY minute. I'm ashamed of that, Saddam was a bigot towards different Islamic sects, he tortured many but is this a better alternative to that?
I feel like I woke up one day and was in a different country, a third world one at that. I, like the Iraquis want to have hope but I feel defeated, busted and dont want to look towards the future, it's just too f*&^ing scary. Man, I'm in a mood, the sleeper must awaken as Frank Herbert said, and I'm awake and what I see makes me want to sleep forever.


Blogger susan said...

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11:21 AM  
Blogger susan said...

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11:22 AM  
Blogger Morris said...

The only thing you didn't see back in April was the bailout! : )

6:48 PM  
Blogger Reynard Da Sylva said...

WoW - I'm stunned you still think the bubble bursting was about sub-prime mortgages?

$700 billiom and counting - what the fuck did these tramps buy, mansions? do you have any idea how many home reposesssions that amounts to? Do you hear about that many people losing their homes in your town/city/state/country?

3:30 AM  
Blogger Reynard Da Sylva said...

not that I don't agree with most of what ya said, but I don't trust any official fact, especially when the elite start saying the blame is ont he common wo/man.

Lies from lying liars is all I hear

3:38 AM  

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