Saturday, March 15, 2008

Times sure do change! Client Nine has shown us where feminism has gone in this brave new world, he lost his whole world but Ms. Kristen is a newly minted millionaire because of the scandal. Is the pendulum supposed to swing that hard and fast? Pretty woman was a fantasy, wasnt it?
I blame the Lindsayes, the Britneys and last but least Paris the wonk-eyed celebutard and the idiots who make a living following the icks around.. They've made millions by exposing the vag, hoing it up with different men weekly, doesnt matter that they are the stupidest lost girls ever. If you told me 10 years ago that being a whore would become a great career move for a young woman, I'd have slapped you silly.. These are the role models for our young women and it is our own damn fault. Why would a kid listen about needing an education when they can make more money than their parents by spreading their legs, exposing themselves, being drunk and obnoxious and even getting busted. It's a sad time to be young and female in this country when a mugshot of lazyeyed Paris is smiling at you from the front page of every news source. You cant escape them, whores are the new black. Even Xaviera Hollander would be shocked at how this is all in the open, well a lil bit anyway. Heidi Fleiss went to jail for it but that was before Client 9, will Kristen spend time in jail too? I dont think so, she put up a shit tune on itunes and became an overnight millionaire, her cooch is a real bread winner. Meanwhile Elliott Spitzer lost his security clearance, he cant even take the missus on a marriage-saving second honeymoon to Europe now, as if that would work.
the Stones said it all- "I'm not talking about the way she digs for gold Look at that stupid girl Well, I'm talking about the way she grabs and holds Look at that stupid girl."